Honoring our Fallen Heroes

Fallen Hero Network

Fallen Hero Network EventWasatch Wagyu is proud to be a sponsor of the Fallen Hero Network, an organization dedicated to assisting agencies during any line of duty death of a police officer, fire fighter, or military service member.

At an event held Saturday, September 14th, the Fallen Hero Network gathered with supporters at Rockport State Park to honor Utah’s finest lost in the line of duty and to raise funds for families in need of assistance.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the U.S. Honor Flag.

The U.S. Honor Flag has traveled over 7 million miles, by ground, air, and even on NASA’s last space shuttle mission to Honor America’s Heroes. “Never forget” is the commitment to America’s Heroes.

Honor FlagCustom USHF gloves are worn to handle The U.S. Honor Flag. These are white gloves with USHF embroidered in blue. The U.S. Honor Flag is never handled with bare hands and never handled twice with the same pair of custom USHF gloves. These gloves are gifted to surviving family members of fallen Heroes.

Wasatch Wagyu was there to support the event by providing meals and prizes used in the fundraising efforts.

The day featured a party for a hero event, a fish for a hero event and a ride for a hero event, as well as a special flag ceremony.

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