What Certification Means

Certified Wagyu

On the phone the other day a customer expressed great dismay to learn that the wagyu he has been buying isn’t really wagyu at all. He’s been buying his so-called wagyu from a snake-oil salesman who tries to pawn off American wagyu as the real deal.

It is a common thing.

But just as common is this thought he had: “How do I know Wasatch Wagyu is the real Wagyu?”

Fair question. This is exactly why we only acquire certified full blood Japanese Wagyu.

Pictured below is what such a certificate looks like:

Real Wagyu Certificate

This certificate comes from the American Wagyu Association who independently provides genetic testing against a rigorous list of standards. It’s not real wagyu unless it is certified.

We have a certificate for every cow we raise, process and sell. Every. Single. One.

A certificate, however, is not the only test.

The real proof is in the taste of the product.

We cannot say that American wagyu producers or other cross breeders of wagyu do not put out a good product. Most do.

It’s just not the same product and never can be. We believe that if you are paying the price for real wagyu you should be getting real wagyu.

We expect you to check our prices against other full blood wagyu ranchers like ourselves AND against American wagyu available out there on the market.

Our price promise ensures that you not only get a competitive price but our certificates ensure you’re getting the real deal for that price.

We know wagyu is pricey. It can’t NOT be pricey.

The cattle cost too much, they take almost three years to come to market and their care, breeding, upkeep and, yes, certification, all require a greater investment for both the rancher and the consumer.

Beware of terms like “pure bred” and “American wagyu” or “Australian wagyu”. These are all code for cross bred varieties of beef that frankly should not cost what they do.

Certification from the American Wagyu Association matters. USDA inspections and labels matter.

The fact everything a full blood Wagyu offers is graded “Beyond Prime” matters.

It ensures you are getting the very best for your money.