How to Get Wagyu Black Friday Specials

Once upon a time we really enjoyed the thing they call Black Friday. My kids and I used to make it a point of waking from our turkey-induced slumber to hit up the stores at four in the morning, always stopping at JCPenney’s to get their free mini-Disney snow globe followed by a stop at Walmart to watch the fights.

Alas, that’s Black Friday of the past (well, except for the fights).

Today’s Black Friday is nowhere near as fun. The deals are always limited to just a lucky few who can snag the stuff under the black plastic.

As we at Wasatch Wagyu have contemplated joining the Black Friday fray we have wondered aloud how we, as a small business, could be heard above the roaring advertisements of the big boys.

We have also worried about how we could keep up with the demand for Wagyu given the shortfall of beef and rise in prices we have seen since the devastating floods in the US Midwest last spring.

Fortunately for us, we’re high in the Wasatch mountains. There was no loss for us. We are ready for the season ahead with absolutely no limits. Everything is in stock in abundance.

So how are we going to play the Black Friday game?

The answer is simple. We’re not going to advertise.

We might have ONE special for Black Friday available on our site to the public. The rest will go out to ONLY our newsletter subscribers.

Will the deals be that insane?

Of course they will.

We wanna have fun with this. We want to be packing orders in our Santa hats with the Christmas music blaring. We enjoy the orders of holiday cheer that come in.

Given that there is effectively only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year the deals are going to come early. So your best strategy to get in on the deals is to simply subscribe to our newsletter.

Here is one final thought for you to consider. Ours is a new website. Our subscriber base for the newsletter is very small. Heck, we haven’t even sent out one mailing yet. Your chances of getting a smokin’ deal are very, very good.

Does subscribing mean we’re going to spam you?

No. That’s not our gig. We are talkers. We are dealmakers. We are not spammers.

So you decide.

If Black Friday is a thing for you, join up.

If it’s not, that’s fine. Either way, we want to handle it the way you want.

How do you subscribe to our newsletter? Glad you asked. See below…or click here.