Shudder with Pleasure

Wagyu Goodness

You know that feeling you get watching your kid revel in the joy of getting just what they wanted for Christmas?

What we’re about to show you is kind of like that.

In our effort to bring you the best we can of real Wagyu we sometimes forget that the stuff just sells itself.

It is that big of a difference from any other kind of beef experience out there. We get to eat it every day.

Not everybody does.

So when someone tries it for the first time we forget how great of an experience it can be.

In this video from our new friend Ray he reminds us of what the first taste of real Wagyu is like. Yeah, we sent him the steaks. But he provided the reaction in his own unique way:

Now, I’m not going to lie. Ray got a lot of laughs in our house with his video — especially from my wife, who has to endure my similar kinds of reactions whenever we eat Wagyu in any form.

I’m a big believer in talking back to my food and expressing appreciation for it.

Obviously, Ray is such a man.

Regardless, if you have never had Wagyu — real full blood rare breed Japanese bloodline Waygu — fasten your seat belts. Peruse our deals page and find a way to get some shipped to you. It’s next level stuff.

Ask Ray. He’s telling you.