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Gifting Wagyu

How do you wrap up a Wagyu tomahawk and put it under the tree? When it comes to gifting Wagyu the struggle is very, very real. The holidays are a time when a lot of Wagyu is purchased. It is, in fact, our busiest time of the year. Wagyu is a special event food and […]

Wagyu Marbling

The picture associated with this post is of a common brisket we had for dinner the other night. What is uncommon about it is the marbling you see in the picture. You simply cannot find that kind of marbling in a supermarket, a local butcher or from 90% of the websites online selling beef. I […]

Shudder with Pleasure

You know that feeling you get watching your kid revel in the joy of getting just what they wanted for Christmas? What we’re about to show you is kind of like that. In our effort to bring you the best we can of real Wagyu we sometimes forget that the stuff just sells itself. It […]

How to Get Wagyu Black Friday Specials

Once upon a time we really enjoyed the thing they call Black Friday. My kids and I used to make it a point of waking from our turkey-induced slumber to hit up the stores at four in the morning, always stopping at JCPenney’s to get their free mini-Disney snow globe followed by a stop at […]

What Your Wagyu Eats Matters

Grass fed beef is all the rage in healthy beef eating. But before you splurge on a grass-fed only cut of beef or before you insist on ordering a fully grass fed steak in a restaurant there are some things you need to know. What your Wagyu eats matters. Years ago I worked for a […]

What Certification Means

On the phone the other day a customer expressed great dismay to learn that the wagyu he has been buying isn’t really wagyu at all. He’s been buying his so-called wagyu from a snake-oil salesman who tries to pawn off American wagyu as the real deal. It is a common thing. But just as common […]

Riding Along on Santa’s Sleigh

We are very excited to participate as a sponsor this year for Santa’s Sleigh. Santa’s Sleigh is an effort organized by the Christmas community online, anchored at the Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas.com. Imagine it: a community of contributors from all around the world organize an effort to help families in need at Christmas. They work […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Eat Wagyu

We have had a number of folks reach out in response to this article about a $1600 Wagyu burger now available at an eatery for the rich and shameless in Houston. This burger purports to be a full pound of A5 Japanese Wagyu on a bun made with Caviar and infused with 24-karat gold. No […]