Wagyu Ground Beef, Brats, Patties & Specialties

Wagyu beef comes in all shapes in sizes. That’s why our full blood Wagyu can be found in ground beef, brats, patties, and more! You can even buy your meat-loving friend a gift with our gift cards or our special Wagyu Club.

Wagyu Ground Beef

When summertime rolls around, one of the first things we all do is to fire up the grill. Softer, fatter, and tastier, ground beef made from Wagyu can make flavorful burgers that you and your family will just adore.

Wagyu Beef Brats

Great for the grill or for the slow cooker, Wagyu beef brats have a subtle yet mouthwatering flavor. You can eat them as the main course or as a side—they're delicious either way.

Wagyu Split Marrow Bones

This isn’t the most traditional choice for a meal, but it is nevertheless a great option. Wagyu Split Marrow Bones are extremely nutritious and easy to prepare. Roast them in the oven or the grill and you’ve got a tasty dinner!


We at Wasatch Wagyu want everyone to be able to enjoy one of our mouth-watering Wagyu beef products. That’s why we offer gift cards for friends.

To learn more about our Wagyu beef, read through our FAQ or contact us today with any questions or concerns.