Full Blood Wagyu Skirt Steak


Used in recipes ranging from fajitas to stir fry the Wagyu beef skirt steak is a versatile choice. Some call this the “butter” of all steaks because it is both rich and tender. Look at that marbling! We offer our skirt steak in a generous size — averaging from 16 oz to 18 oz, so you can feed a crowd. Whether on the grill or in a cast iron skillet this loose-grained steak will find its way into many of your favorite dishes.

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So tender you can cut it with a dull fork! Wagyu skirt steak has a variety of uses — it is used in Mexican recipes, in salads and even in creative chili concoctions. If you haven’t tried Wagyu skirt steak we recommend you go full commando and just grill it without spices, marinades or seasoning. This full-blooded Wagyu has a robust flavor and because it is Wagyu it is tender beyond compare.

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