Real WagyuWe are producers of full blood rare breed Wagyu beef based high in the mountains of Northern Utah’s Wasatch range.

When it comes to beef, Wasatch Wagyu is the good stuff.

True Wagyu descends from specific Japanese cattle bloodlines known for their destinctive flavor: Japanese Black (Tajima-Gyu), Japanese Brown (Red), Japanese Poll, or Japanese Shorthorn. These breeds of cattle are known to be smaller in size and they require greater and longer term care before they are brought to market.

This is what we do in our mountain home: we maintain small herds, allow them a free range experience where they are grass fed and supplied with natural mountain spring water.

Each of our cattle are given individual attention, are hormone free, certified, registered and locally harvested after nearly three years of critical care by trained professional ranchers.

Our beef is featured in fine restaurants local to Park City, Utah and in finer establishments all over the Mountain West.

Our website features not only the beef we raise but also shares news, information, recipes and sources for local, responsibly grown Wagyu beef.

Please enjoy the expertise we share and feel free to contact us for more information.