What is Wagyu?

The word wagyu literally means “Japanese cow”. It refers to specific breeds of cattle native to Japan.

Eating real wagyu beef is quite an experience. The genetic make-up of the cattle distributes fats differently which results in a more robust flavor and a “buttery finish” as it is eaten.

This is why wagyu is often specified on the menus of finer restaurants everywhere and why beef consumers seek out wagyu in much the same way as buyers of fine wine or chocolate. Wagyu can vary in unique flavor profiles due to where it is raised and what it is fed.

There is a lot of confusion about wagyu due to marketers who exploit the use of the word and ranchers who crossbreed the product.



To sort it out we have provided this guide that explains the distinctiveness of real wagyu:

A Rare Breed



Why is it so Expensive?

An Extraordinary Experience

Healthful Benefits

How to Get Full Blood Wagyu

A Rare Breed