Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Kobe beef is only available from Kobe, Japan. Japanese Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle – but only from Japan. Anyone marketing their beef as “Kobe beef” in any way that is not from Japan is, well, dishonest.

No. American Wagyu is not full blood Wagyu — it is crossbred beef, usually a mix of Angus and Wagyu. There is a significant difference. Here at Wasatch Wagyu we only sell full blood Wagyu beef.

It means the cattle come from certified Japanese bloodlines. Full blood Wagyu is pure bred and documented as such — they actually do genealogy on cows!

It is the Japanese word for Japanese cow.

It is a better tasting breed of beef. The eating experience has been described as a “flavor explosion”. It has a hearty flavor with a buttery finish that takes eating beef to the next level. You have to experience it.

These cattle are a rare breed. They cost more. They also require greater quality care, purer food sources and longer field time. Typical beef can come to market in 12 months. Wagyu beef is not fully raised until at least 30 months, frequently longer. This increases their cost.

Yes, they do. Where and how they are raised is very evident in their flavor. “You are what you eat” is never more evident than in Wagyu cattle. The fact that some Wagyu come to market as grass-fed versus grain-fed is noticeable. Even subtle differences in the types of grains and grasses used is evident in the final product. That’s why our Wagyu are raised at an altitude with sweet mountain-grown grasses and mountain spring water. We believe it gives our beef a distinctful, powerful flavor that is unique even compared to other full blood Wagyu producers.

Yes! It is the healthiest beef you can buy. Learn more about Wagyu Fat Here

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