Full Blooded Japanese Wagyu

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There is something special about 100%, full blood Wagyu beef. The taste, marbling, tenderness, and overall quality of Wagyu beef far surpasses any other kind of meat that you may find at your local grocery store. Wagyu beef takes years of careful breeding and feeding to produce, and it is that kind of dedication that we at Wasatch Wagyu bring to the table.

What is Wagyu Beef?

Only a very particular kind of beef can be considered “Wagyu” beef. More specifically, it is beef from a Wagyu cow—a Japanese beef cattle breed. It is not to be confused with Kobe beef which is beef that comes from Wagyu cattle only from Japan. It is also not to be confused with American Wagyu, which is a crossbred beef (usually a mix between Angus and Wagyu).

Our Wagyu Beef Products

We at Wasatch Wagyu raise 100%, full blood Wagyu cattle. Our cattle are DNA certified, RFID tagged, vaccinated, and registered with the American Wagyu Association, so you know that the beef you get from us is only and 100% Wagyu. We use ethical and sustainable practices to raise our herds, feeding them from a healthy grass diet and mountain stream water, without any added hormones or antibiotics.

Herds are hand-selected for harvesting to produce the following, high-quality, yet affordable, cuts, including:

The Wagyu beef produced here at Wasatch Wagyu is among the highest quality beef that you can find, all at an affordable price. To learn more, contact us today.