Wagyu Top Sirloin Steak


Top sirloin comes from the “top” of the primal loin where t-bones and porterhouse steaks come from. In other words, it is a choice cut of beef and, of course, in our world it’s Wagyu. While not as densely marbled as some other cuts the Top Sirloin is a delectable beef eating experience.


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Our lean top sirloin steaks are a beefy bite of Wagyu goodness. Instead of marbled pockets of fat the leaner top sirloin tends to show streaks of the good fats of full blood Wagyu. Top sirloin is frequently described as a “bold” beefy flavor and it remains a favorite in steak houses alongside ribeyes and New York cuts. Its leaner profile fills you faster and getting through some of our larger sizes could challenge some of the heartiest of eaters.



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