Wagyu Ground Beef


Ground beef is a great way to taste Full Blood Wagyu — and wait til you taste our Wasatch Wagyu ground beef. A little goes a long ways. Why? Because it is filled with flavor. It tastes unbelievable and it fills you faster.

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Don’t call it hamburger. This is Wagyu. Whatever you use ground beef for goes to a whole new level when you make it with Wagyu ground beef. Naturally, a lot of folks are going to want to fire up the grill because no form of ground beef is better than a classic burger. We have some advice: don’t use a gas grill. That’s just cooking outside.

If you want the best of beef flavor from your Wagyu burger combine fire with the beef — that’s unbeatable flavor. You will notice the difference in full blood Wagyu as you make your burger patties — it feels softer. Because of the nutrious fats of Wagyu you can’t throw your burgers right over the flames.

Sear them for just a few seconds per side then cook them indirectly by parking them on the cooler side of your grill.

The anticipation of what you will get is well worth the wait.



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Ground beef, Patties


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