Wagyu Natural Jerky Beef Stick


Introducing our new Wagyu Natural 1 oz and 4 oz strips of tender Wagyu jerky! If you’re looking for a healthy snack or a high protein snack then this jerky is what you need. Finally a jerky without all the added ingredients, no nitrates, no soy, no sugar. Whether you’re deep in the back country or running errands, these quick snacks provide that energy boost you need.  You asked for it and we did it! —


Available in 1 oz and 4 oz packages

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Give one of our single packaged 1-ounce Natrual jerky sticks a try or go for a 5 pack of 1-ounce strips. These are for the people who requested no additional ingredients. These have the bare minimum ingredients that we could get away with to make our Jerky great. Give it a try, it tastes more like a good little cut of meat than jerky..


Perfect to throw in a pack or your go-bag for a quick healthy snack! Packed with protein and healthy fats to fuel you through your next adventure!


Available in 5 flavors with very few ingredients, and good protein




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